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Kalinga Electric Dental Chair
Features a quiet and smooth hydraulic system for superior stability and smooth, quiet operation. The durable and attractive Naugahyde upholstery makes the Simplicity by Dental Chair extremely soft and comfortable.
Zero position that increase efficiency by reducing the time needed for chair adjustment.
Swing down arms provide easy patient entry/exit, and allow the dental professional to easily moving from left to right without any obstructions.
Conveniently positioned chair brake is on the doctor’s side for ease of use. An optional foot control (8” X 6”) is also available for easy and rapid patient positioning, as well as optional chair-mounted touch pad controls which provide easy and rapid patient positioning.
A dual moving headrest (catcher’s mitt) is also available for the Simplicity by Dental Chair.

Specification for Kalinga Electric Dental Chair
  • Electrically operated dental chair.
  • Back Rest, up and down movement with electric motor and zero position operated with foot and tray side.
  • Earthernware (spittoon and tumber pot) which is light in weight and removable with auto timer switch.
  • Pneumatic low suction.
  • X-ray viewer.
  • Air rotor control, three function sytringe and option for eighter air motor or micro motor control.
  • Head rest moving smoothly operated according to requirement and trouble free.
  • Halogen light with imported glass reflectors having dual intensity (12,000 luxes to 20,000 luxes).
  • Halogen light with (complete lights) imported having dual intensity (12,000 luxes to 20,000 luxes).

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